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Catalog 85 ~ July 2020





#58 Mamehon Bamboo (Miniature Book of Bamboo).  Japan, 1966.  SOLD


Catalog 85 is devoted entirely to the 20th century miniature books in Virginia Stoody’s marvelous collection. Shown above is a modern Japanese miniature album of paintings on the subject of bamboo. Measuring a mere 1-1/4” x 7/8”, it is bound accordion fashion in cloth covers, enclosed in a wrap-around case, and protected in a beautifully made wooden box. Inside are 11 double-page original paintings by Matsunosuke Dodo showing first the bamboo sprouts, then young plants and mature examples. Also shown are items made of bamboo – a writing brush, baskets, tools for tea ceremony, fans, and more.  In Japan, miniature books are called mamehon, or “peanut-sized books” and this book on bamboo is one of only 10 manuscripts.

Although most of Virginia’s modern miniature books are by American publishers, this catalog includes books from Germany, Spain, England, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Sumatra, Ethiopia, Mexico, Argentina, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Russia. Some were purchased on her worldwide travels but most came from Dawson’s Book Shop or directly from the publisher. Several of today’s offerings were gifts from friends.

Virginia was a savvy and selective collector and bought the finest examples with an emphasis on “books about books” and dollhouse books, primarily from Borrower’s Press, Jack R. Levien and Mosaic Press.

Catalog 85 offers 101 of her 20th century miniature books. On my website, you’ll find 200+ additional  titles from the popular presses of her day (she collected from 1960-1984).

To enhance your enjoyment of this catalog, nearly all of the books are photographed.

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