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Catalog 69 ~ November 1, 2017






      #58  A Description of the City of London.  London: R. Stagg (bound by L. G. Challenger).  $625.

Dear Miniature Book Aficionado,

The featured book shown above was difficult for me to categorize.  It is one volume in a rare and charming juvenile series reprinted for R. Stagg in 1802.  According to Julian Edison (see Miniature Book News, No. 32), there were eight tomes in the series, all printed by Evans and Ruffy in about 7-point type with 12 lines to the page.  The Arthur A. Houghton Catalog states there are twelve tomes in the set (see Houghton 167).

L. G. Challenger bound the copy being offered and I have listed it in the attached catalog under his name. Challenger was an antiquarian book seller and an amateur bookbinder in London in the 1960s and a friend of Louis Bondy. He sometimes bound facsimiles but more often, he rebound antiquarian books.  He signed all his books with “L. G. C.”, typically (but not always) on both covers.  I have seen several of his bindings and all are morocco with ornately gilt spines.  All are beautiful and quite scarce.

Several other rarities are included in this catalog – seek and ye shall find!

Antiquarian French books are among the most beautiful in the world of miniature books.  They often have finely engraved plates of exquisite beauty, high quality leathers and stunning endpapers.  I have included several examples in this catalog by various publishers.  See #40, 52, 59, and 65.

Festive Christmas books are interspersed throughout the catalog.  See #12, 41, 45, 46, 62 and 90.

Msgr. Weber’s latest publication, Greatest Show on Earth, is #56.  He recalls a visit to the circus in the 1940s when he was a teenager.  One of eight colorful postage stamps issued by the US Postal Service depicting early circus posters serves as the frontispiece to his nostalgic tale.

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