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Catalog 78 ~ May 1, 2019

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#72 The King’s Breakfast by A. A. Milne.  Berkeley CA:  Poole Press, 1996.  $300  SOLD


Catalog 78 is devoted entirely to recent acquisitions from 2 noteworthy California bibliophiles – Margaret Class and Glen Dawson.  Margaret joined the Miniature Book Society in 1992 and was an ardent collector of miniatures and movable books.  She established The John and Margaret Class Student Book Collection Contest to inspire students to create their own personal libraries and to take joy in the printed book.  Glen Dawson was a book scholar, publisher, collector, antiquarian dealer and authority on Californiana.  He was a dear personal friend and mentor to me.  Both Margaret and Glen are deceased now.  With this catalog, you have the opportunity to own some of their treasures.

The King’s Breakfast (above) is a fine example of the superb miniature books designed, printed, illustrated and handbound by Maryline Poole Adams.  It looks like an ordinary book until you fully open it and tie the velvet ribbons.  Voila!  It has become a pop-up masterpiece, carousel-style.  Seven beautiful books by Maryline are offered in Catalog 78.

Peter and Donna Thomas are also outstanding miniature book publishers who not only design, print, illustrate and bind their books totally by hand, but Peter often makes his own paper. Fourteen of the Thomas’ miniature books are offered (two of them are doll house sized).

Over 35 “books about books” are offered in this catalog.  Included are biographies and bibliographies plus books on printing, marbled papers, typography, binding, bookplates, papermaking, pastepapers, notable book collectors and more!  Check out my website for even more recent acquisitions.

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