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Shakespeare on Paper-Mills by Peter Thomas. Santa Cruz CA: The Good Book Press, 1988.

64 pp. letterpress on antique 18th century paper (trimmed from the margins of a copy of Oeuvres de Feu M. Cochin, Paris 1775); 8 illustrations by Donna Thomas.  Covers and endpapers are antique paper with Latin text (see 1st and 3rd photos).  Explores all aspects and implications of the quote from Henry VI, Part 2, Act 4, Scene 7, which speaks of a paper-mill.  Bound in paper boards with a gilt-stamped black leather spine. Measures 2″ x 1-1/2″.

Includes a tipped-in reduced reproduction of the title page of Digestum Novum, 1576.   Copies 1-100 were printed on paper from a damaged copy of this book.

Although the colophon states that the second 100 copies were printed on Peter’s handmade paper, this is one of at least 24 copies printed on 18th century paper, as noted in Donna’s handwriting.    All the copies in today’s offering are printed on paper made in 1775.

A beautiful miniature by well-known publishers, book artists, authors, and paper-makers Peter and Donna Thomas.  It presents a fascinating study of paper-mills and paper-making, as seen and described in various Shakespeare works.  Thomas spends time analyzing exactly why Shakespeare brings up a paper-mill and how important paper-mills actually were to authors in Shakespeare’s time.  He also mentions that this is the only time that Shakespeare uses the terminology “paper-mills” within all of his plays and sonnets.  However, Shakespeare does, in fact, use the word “paper” 84 times throughout his plays.

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