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In praise of John Baskerville by F. E. Pardoe.  Wooley, England: Fleece Press, 1994.


60 pp. letterpress in 8-point Baskerville; frontispiece engraving plus 7 additional engravings by Anthony Christmas; biography of Baskerville and history of the famous typeface, the most popular of all bookfaces.  Hand-bound in patterned paper boards by Smith Settle; printed label.  A limited edition of 260 copies.  Measures 2/7/8″ x 2-1/8″.

John Baskerville was born in 1706 at Wolverley in Worcestshire.  He was a man with a lifelong passion for beautiful lettering and books.  In 1757 he published his first book, an edition of Virgil.  He established a lasting friendship with Benjamin Franklin who visited him in Birmingham.

John Baskerville’s guiding principles in his work were simplicity, elegance and above all, clarity.  His many innovations enabled Baskerville to produce printed work of an elegance, crispness and clarity never seen before.  The typeface that bears his name remains one of the most pleasing of the all-time great classical fonts, vastly superior to Times Roman which, sadly, has become all too ubiquitous.

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